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Ohio Valley Natural Fiber
Woolen Mill - Custom Processing
8541 Louderback Road
Sardinia, OH  45171-9603
Phone:  937-446-3045  -  Email:  info@ovnf.com

5.1.20:  While we are currently open for business, we are not accepting yarn orders right now.  We appreciate you considering us for your fiber processing needs.  We are still running roving and batting and have a lot of product available for sale.


Custom Yarn

Fibers must be of good quality and suitable for spinning. 

Ideally, staple length should be consistent and between 3"-4".

Processing prices for woolen spinning are based on the finished yarn weight and packaged on random weight cones. 

Scouring charges are based on incoming weight and skirting charges are $25/hr.

Yarn weight/thickness and number of plys are custom and included in the per pound pricing below unless a particular fiber or blend requires special handling.

Yarns must have 50% Sheep's Wool content.

A minimum of 40 pounds washed weight is needed for a spinning order. 

All custom yarn orders must have 25% deposit of estimated cost paid before spinning, along with the cost of any blending fibers purchased from OVNF.  There are no additional charges associated with custom blends other than the cost of the blending fibers.

Yarn orders are shipped once payment is received in full. 


It is best to send a sample of a yarn you would like your custom yarn to replicate as closely as possible. 

Remember your yarn may differ from your sample based on different fibers being spun.




Hand Washing Fiber

Based on incoming weight Mid/Low Grease Wools, Alpaca, Llama High Grease, Fine Wools, Suri, Mohair
Washing/Picking $5.50/lb $10/lb


Processing Charges below assume CLEAN fiber. If you are sending raw (unwashed) fiber for processing, the washing/picking rates above apply in addition to the processing charges. 

All per/lb. rates are calculated on FINISHED weight.


100% Sheep's Wool Custom Yarn--Clean Fiber Charges

Carding/Spinning - 2-5 Plys; delivered on random weight cones

$23/Finished Lb
Wool Blend (50% Sheep/50% Other) Custom Yarn--Clean Fiber Charges

  Carding/Spinning - 2-5 Plys

$25/Finished Lb
          Orders > 80 lbs/ finished weight  15% saving on carding rate
Single Ply Yarns
10% saving/Lb


4 oz or more = $5/Finished lb.

Less than 4 oz = $6/Finished lb.

 Email to:  info@ovnf.com

 Pricing Effective 6/1/18.  Pricing may change without advance notice.  Please check with the mill for final cost estimate.