Custom Roving and Batting                     

No Oils Are Used In Any of Our Processing!! 

We work really hard to produce a roving that hand spinners adore.  We wash by hand to protect the fiber from being over-processed. We remove enough lanolin to insure it does well through processing, while not stripping out all of the natural oils.  In our opinion, there should be no need to add oils because you removed too much lanolin when scouring.

First things first...clean fiber is a must!!  We hand wash fiber, using the Unicorn line of commercial scouring agents which we love--they are gentle and environmentally friendly which is important since our farm follows sustainable farming practices.

If you are sending us dirty fiber than the wash rates below apply.  Please note that these scouring charges are based on incoming weight, so doing a good job of skirting and removing vegetation from your fiber prior to sending it to us helps you reduce your costs and improves the quality of your finished product.

If you send in washed fiber and the lanolin level is too high to process in our equipment, we will wash the fiber again and the rates below will apply.

We do offer skirting services for $25/hr.  This service does not guarantee removal of all vegetation matter (VM).  Skirting is the removal of the lower quality fiber--britch, head, neck, legs and poo and 'grease tags'. If your fiber has heavy VM, we suggest you spend some time "monkey picking" prior to submission to help insure your finished product has little to no VM.  While picking and carding fiber eliminates a lot of VM, it is not a guarantee that it will remove all of it.

We also reserve the right to decline an order if the fiber has excess vegetation, foreign matter, heavy grease tags, poo, moth activity, mildew or a heavy mothball smell.  We will notify you and ship the fiber back to you at your cost, or dispose of the fiber whichever you prefer.

              Hand Washed Fiber

Based on Skirted Weight Mid-Low Grease Wools, Alpaca, Llama High Grease, Fine Wools, Suri, Mohair
Washing/Picking (if we are not processing your fiber) $7/lb $13/lb
Washing/Picking (if we are processing your fiber) $5.50/lb $10/lb

                   Custom Roving

All of our processing rates for Custom Roving and Batts are based on FINISHED weight and are for CLEAN fiber.  If you are sending us raw (unwashed) fiber then the wash/pick rate above applies in addition to the processing charges below.

  100% Sheep Wool All Other Fibers & Blends
Carding into Roving $7/lb $9/lb
Double Card, if Excess VM $14/lb $18/lb
Specialty Rovings Additional/lb Additional/lb
Pindrafting $3 NA
Core (2 colors) $3 $3
Brindle (3 colors) $3 $3
"Pops" of color $3 $3
Long/Difficult fibers*  $3 $3
Any other hand-feed $3 $3










                     Custom Batting

All of our unlined batts come in the same size, right off of the "Batt Wheel".  They are generally 5 ft x 8 ft depending on your fiber.

You can easily "pull" or cut them into any size you need.  They also "peel" easily so you can split them that way if you need to. 

Please specify if you are looking for a comforter batt (higher loft) or quilting/felting batts (lower loft).  That determines what weight you need for each size batt.

  100% Sheep Wool Wool Blends and Other Fibers

Carding into Unlined Batting

$13/lb $15/lb

Add'l charge for lining with cheese cloth.  Muslin lining available for additional charge.

Pillows = $15

Crib, Throw = $30

Twin, Full = $50
Queen = $60
King = $75

* staple length >5" will likely require hand-feeding of the table to avoid wrapping. 

Additionally 100% Suri alpaca may/may not work well in our equipment; it truly is animal dependent.  If we have difficulty processing any order, we will give the customer a call and work through a mutually acceptable resolution.

Pricing Effective 6/1/18.  Orders received prior to 6/1 will be billed at the old rates.

Prices are subject to change without notice. 

Please check with the mill if you have any questions or concerns regarding pricing information.