Custom Roving                          


Charges are based on FINISHED WEIGHT, not incoming weight.

No Oils Are Used In Any of Our Processing!!

Ohio Valley Natural Fibers excels at meeting the needs of handspinners and small flock growers.  We appreciate the importance of being able to process individual fleeces.  Therefore, we do not have a minimum pound requirement like most other mills.  Please note however, if the clean weight of your fiber is less than 3 lbs., then the flat rate at the bottom of the chart below applies.  For Roving runs which are 3 lbs or more, then the Per Finished Pound Rate applies.  If you have any questions at all about pricing, please call the mill 937-446-3045.

If you are processing 3 lbs  or more of fiber, then these prices apply to the FINISHED WEIGHT/LB.

100% Sheep Wool

All Other Fibers and Blends







Double Card, if Excess Vegetation



If the clean weight of your fiber is LESS THAN 3 LBS, then the flat rate prices apply:








Double Card, if Excess Vegetation



For specialty roving add to the base rate:







Fleece with a high lanolin content (fine wools like merino, cormo, BFL, etc.) will likely require additional washing at $6.50/lb per additional wash cycle.

Skirting is $25/hr.  If your fleece has excess vegetation, we will skirt without notice for up to 30 minutes.  If it requires more, we will contact you for approval.

A Deposit of 25% of incoming weight cost is requested prior to processing your order, along with the cost of any blending fibers purchased.  You will receive an invoice from the mill for this amount.  Once your deposit is received, your order will enter the processing queue.  

Timing is generally 12-16 weeks for roving.

The mill reserves the right to reject any fleece with excess vegetation.

Pricing Effective 9/1/15.  Prices are subject to change without notice.  Please check with the mill if you have any questions or concerns regarding pricing information.