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Shipping your fibers


ADDRESS:    Ohio Valley Farm and Fiber Mill - 31353 State Route 41, Peebles, OH  45660

SHIPPERS: US Postal Service,  UPS, Fedex or Drop Off


Place a note inside the box with your fiber with ALL of your relevant contact information (name, email, mailing address, phone #) and how it is to be processed. 

Separate and or combine the fiber like you would like it to be processed, grouping any fiber that is to be blended together into 1 bag.  Be sure each bag contains your contact info and your processing instructions for that particular bag of fiber.

Example for an order with 2 parts:

Dianne Ganslein

31353 State Route 41, Peebles, OH 45660



Bag 1: Wash and card this white and black Icelandic wool into roving and then pin draft it for me.


Dianne Ganslein

31347 State Route 41, Peebles, OH 45660



Bag 2:  Wash and blend this alpaca and Icelandic, card it into roving.

Steps: I would place a separate card into each bag.  I would have a total of 2 bags.  I would put both bags into the same box.  If you are sending us multiple boxes, it is good to mark on the outside of each box, Box X of X (like Box 1 of 4).  This way we are sure that we received everything you shipped.

SPECIAL NOTES: Let us know if you have a DUE DATE or any other special requests and whether or not it will be a pick-up (mill, farm or show) or you would like to shipped.