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Ohio Valley Natural Fibers

Woolen Mill - Custom Processing

31353 State Route 41

Peebles, OH  45660

Phone:  937-446-3045  -  Email:  info@ovnf.com

Fibers for Dyeing, Spinning or Blending

Fibers can generally be ordered in any weight you need.

Retail prices are listed below.


Cushing Acid Dyes  see colors $3.25 ea
Alpaca Prime (raw) variety of natural colors $14 lb
Alpaca Prime Carded variety of natural colors $40 lb
Bamboo Bast $40 lb
Border Leicester wool locks (white, washed) $14 lb
Border Leicester Roving (white) $26 lb
Finn wool raw (white) $14 lb
Finn Wool Roving (white) $29 lb
Hemp Sliver (natural) $16 lb
Icelandic wool raw (variety of natural colors) $14 lb
Icelandic wool washed  (variety of natural colors)  $22 lb
Icelandic Wool Roving  (variety of natural colors) $29 lb
Merino Combed Top/White - 64s (approx 21 micron) $25 lb
Merino Roving - 64s (white) $29 lb
Merino Easy Spin/Pin Drafted - 64s (white) $32 lb
Medium Wool Top/White - 60s (approx 27 micron) $18 lb
Medium Wool Roving - 60s  (white) $18 lb
Medium Wool Easy Spin/Pin Drafted - 60s (white) $25 lb
Course Wool Top/White - 54s (approx 35 micron) $16 lb
Course Wool Top Roving - 54s (white) $16 lb
Course Wool Easy Spin/Pin Drafted - 54s (white) $21 lb
Merino Top Batts (white) $32-1 lb batt/$16-1/2 lb batt
Merino Colored Batts  (colors below) $46-1 lb batt/$23-1/2 lb batt
Merino Colored Combed Top - Special Order ONLY $34 lb
Aqua Begonia
Berry Bitter Chocolate
Black Blue
Bottle Gree Brown
Cafe Au Lait Carbon
Chartruese Cinnabar
Citron Cyan
Dijon Dusty Rose
Eggplant Flamingo
Forest Fuschia
Garden Ivy Glacier
Gold Graphite
Grey (Striped) Horizon
Hyacinth Ice Blue
Iris Jade
Kiwi Lemon
Lilac Magenta
Midnight Mink
Mint Mocha
Mulberry Navy
Nutmeg Oak
Olive Parchment
Peacock Periwinkle
Pewter Pine
Pink Plum
Purple Red
Ruby Salmon
Seafoam Silver
Spice Tangerine
Tartan Taupe (Striped)
Teal Tomato
Turquoise Green Vanilla
Violet Wedgewood
Wine Yellow
Mohair Adult Washed $14 lb
Mohair Kid Washed $16 lb
Shetland wool raw (variety of natural colors) $14 lb
Shetland wool roving (variety of natural colors) $29 lb
          Bombyx Silk Sliver (white) $72 lb or $4.50 oz
          Tussah Silk Sliver (golden and bleached) $64 lb or $4.00 oz
Yak Top (dark natural) < 18 micron $6.25 oz
Wensleydale Roving $29 lb
White Cashmere Top $10 oz

Updated 9/17/21