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Announcing New Owners for OVNF - Complete details to come in the next few weeks - Send in your wool for processing..............................................

Ohio Valley Natural Fibers

Woolen Mill - Custom Processing

8541 Louderback Road

Sardinia, OH  45171-9603

Phone:  937-446-3045  -  Email:  info@ovnf.com


We going to remain OPEN!


It is great news for us and to the wonderful customers we have served for over 30 years.

Ohio Valley Natural Fibers is not closing but going to remain open and the transition

will be seamless. We are accepting new orders for processing. If you have any questions,

do not hesitate to email or call. Thank you for your support and good wishes.


Send in Your Fibers


We will be operating as we always have. Our employees are the same!

We have the same dedication to excellence as always! There will be very

few changes and those won't affect the processing.